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Does mediation make a difference during divorce?

As you prepare to get divorced from your spouse in Ohio, you are facing a future of uncertainty as you untangle everything that has become shared between the two of you since the start of your marriage. Often, this equates to shared assets, financial accounts, property and a host of personal belongings that may have significant sentimental value to both you and your partner. Working through the backlog of items requiring separation can be incredibly daunting, time consuming and costly if you do not go about it the right way. 

If you and your spouse are like many divorcing couples, one of the primary reasons you are seeking to dissolve your marriage is because you have been unable to make amends regarding consistent disagreements. Because of this, it may be less-than-ideal to assume that you will be able to reach amicable agreements about how shared assets should be split. Fortunately, you have the option of using mediation to help expedite the process of making these decisions. This valuable resource can help provide objectivity as you and your spouse work toward settling how things should be split. However, it is critical that you maintain a degree of flexibility and acknowledge that not every outcome will be exactly as you had hoped. 

The potential pitfalls of debt forgiveness

When a consumer has a large credit card debt that is being held by a debt collector, one option that may seem attractive is seeking out debt forgiveness. Debt forgiveness generally involves a consumer and a debt collector reaching a settlement under which part of a debt is forgiven.

This sounds great, right? It is important to know though that the debt forgiveness route can have its drawbacks.

The additional costs of a speeding ticket

One of the more common rules that most Ohio drivers break is going over the speed limit. Many motorists are bound to do this no matter how high the state puts the speed limit at. They figure that even if the police catch them, the punishment would not be as severe as a hit-and-run or a DUI.

However, many underestimate that even speeding can lead to some devastating effects on their finances. It doesn’t just end with a fine. You should be aware of the different areas of your life a simple speeding ticket can affect in case you ever face these accusations.

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