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Turning your life around after divorce

Some people have negative images come to mind when they think about the divorce process, whether they picture a heated custody dispute or emotional and financial challenges associated with various family law issues. To be sure, divorce can be very challenging in a number of ways. However, divorce should not always be seen from a negative point of view. In fact, divorce can be incredibly helpful for many people, and some people are able to reach new heights and pursue their dreams after their marriage comes to an end.

A failed field sobriety test is not always proof of OVI

Before you can be convicted of operating a vehicle impaired, the Ohio prosecutor must provide evidence that you were, in fact, intoxicated. If a law enforcement officer administered the standardized field sobriety tests and used the results as the basis for arresting you, you may have a solid argument against that "proof." We at Triplett McFall Wolfe Law, LLC, often help people contest the outcome of field sobriety tests.

Stopping debt collection with the automatic stay

People who owe more than they can pay quickly learn that debt collectors push the boundaries of the collections tactics allowed by the law, or often ignore the law entirely. Dealing with collections calls is only one of many stressful things that unmanageable debt brings, and many people feel completely overwhelmed by these pressures. If you have screened calls from your credit card provider, car dealer and mortgage company all in one day, you understand the feeling.

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