Common reasons for divorce

| Feb 18, 2020 | Divorce |

According to, most marriages break down and end in separation as a result of extra-marital affairs. Infidelity is among the frequent causes of divorce. Similarly, cheating is among the grounds for a legal divorce, apart from subjecting a partner to cruelty and living alone for more than one year. Likewise, money is a common reason for divorce. When spouses lack financial compatibility, and they face money mistakes in their marriage, they are likely to divorce.

Poor communication may also lead to divorce. Communication is vital in a marriage. Therefore, when one partner is unable to communicate effectively, it may lead to frustration and resentment for both of them. Thus, all the marriage aspects may get impacted. Therefore, a healthy marriage gets built on excellent communication. When couples have constant arguments due to feelings of not getting appreciated or heard, it may lead to a divorce. It may arise if one partner fails to see the point of view of the other partner.

According to Survive Divorce, lack of intimacy may lead to a divorce. With time, marriages transits to a more spiritual and more profound kind of love, and the physical contact becomes less. Although sex is an essential part of marriage, intimacy may exceed sex. Similarly, abuse may lead to a divorce. When a spouse faces a pattern of domestic violence in their marriage, they have a valid reason to leave the union. They may not only get physically abused but also lose financially and emotionally.

Additionally, the spouse may face a lack of incompatibility in the marriage. Before they got married, they were sure that their partner was the one whom they would spend their lives with until everything clicked. Their partners may change over time, thus becoming different. Therefore, they may opt for a divorce.