Decades Of Experience Fighting Sex Crime Charges

There are few times when your rights are in greater danger than if you are accused of a sex crime. The impacts on your life are immediate and far-reaching, affecting your job, your family and your standing in the community. The consequences of a conviction may follow you for the rest of your life if the court requires you to register as a sex offender.

The attorneys at Triplett McFall Wolfe Law, LLC, in Bellefontaine, Ohio, know that authorities are relentless when it comes to prosecuting sex crimes. Before they even file charges, your reputation may already be in tatters. The sooner you seek experienced and equally relentless defense counsel, the better the chances of a more positive outcome.

Our Lawyers Are Here To Fight For You

Allegations of a sex crime can be terrifying because there is so much at stake. Our defense attorneys have more than 50 years of combined experience providing unwavering representation for those in Logan County accused of these and any other offenses of a sexual nature:

  • Rape or sexual assault: The alleged victim accuses you of compelling sexual acts using force, threats, intoxicants or other means.
  • Statutory rape: You are over 18 and engage in sexual conduct with someone between ages 13 and 16 who is not your spouse.
  • Child molestation: There are numerous criminal charges involving illicit behavior with minors, depending on your age and the age of the alleged victim.
  • Child pornography: It is illegal to possess, sell or distribute nude or obscene materials of someone younger than 18.
  • Traveling to meet a minor: This offense usually involves an investigation into internet communications with a minor with the purpose of meeting to commit sexual acts.
  • Prostitution and soliciting: A conviction for offering or accepting money in exchange for sex can result in jail time and other penalties.
  • Indecent exposure: Public indecency involves numerous easily defensible components.

Because of the delicate nature of sex crimes accusations, having a sensitive advocate is important. We will always keep in mind the stress you and your family are under, and that will drive us to provide a powerful defense in an effort to protect your rights and restore your good name.

Time Is Of The Essence When Facing Charges Of Sex Crimes

No matter how complicated your situation, we are ready to place our resources at your service. We will never shy away from a fight if it means protecting your best interests. Call 937-593-6591 to schedule an initial consultation. There is no charge for your first meeting. You can also contact us through our website form.