Strong Defense Against Drug Charges

Many factors can influence the outcome of an arrest for drug crimes. The type and amount of drugs you had in your possession, the legality of the police procedures at the time of the arrest and your personal history with law enforcement can all play a part in how severely the courts deal with you.

The skill and experience of your defense team are also a critical factor in reaching a positive resolution. The attorneys at the law firm of Triplett McFall Wolfe Law, LLC, have more than 50 years of combined experience defending our neighbors in Bellefontaine, Ohio, when they face accusations of drug crimes.

The Heavy Consequences Of A Conviction For Drug Offenses

Penalties for a conviction for drug crimes are harsh and can affect your life for many years. Once on your record, a drug conviction is there for the rest of your life, affecting your choices and limiting your opportunities. In addition to the potential for jail time, probation, community service and substantial fines, you face personal consequences, including these possibilities:

  • Loss of your job
  • Difficulty finding work
  • Loss of eligibility for federal student loans
  • Loss of your driver’s license
  • Disqualification from receiving government assistance
  • Difficulty obtaining housing

Every drug offense has its unique circumstances, and your situation deserves individual and compassionate attention. No matter the turn of events that brought you to this point, you need representation from an attorney who will fight to ensure your rights are protected and your dignity preserved. We have worked hard to defend those facing drug charges, including the following and others:

  • Possession of marijuana, heroin, cocaine, meth or other drugs
  • Distribution or possession with intent to distribute
  • Manufacturing or growing
  • Drug trafficking
  • Charges involving prescription drugs

Our lawyers will begin by examining the details of your arrest and the evidence police claim to have against you. From there we will build an effective defense that demands your fair treatment and seeks the best possible outcome.

Let Our Defense Team Fight For You

Having legal counsel at the earliest moment following your arrest is critical. Before you say anything to police or investigators, call 937-593-6591 to obtain our immediate attention. You may also use the information form on the Triplett McFall Wolfe Law, LLC, website. We will discuss your case and begin to plan a strategy for your defense.