Skilled Advocates For Your Child Custody Rights

If your marriage or relationship is ending, among the most important decisions you will make are those concerning the parenting of your children. Even the most amicable breakup can be traumatic for your children, and custody and visitation decisions can impact your child long into the future. With so much at stake, you want to be certain you have experienced legal counsel on your side.

Triplett McFall Wolfe Law, LLC, helps families in Logan County during their most troubling times. Our attorneys understand the complex issues you are facing, and we are dedicated to helping you reach your goals with as little stress as possible. However, if the other side is not reasonable, we are willing and able to protect your and your children’s interests in court.

Working For The Most Positive Outcome

Unlike past generations, Ohio courts no longer favor mothers over fathers in custody cases. Unless there are compelling reasons to the contrary, family courts strive for shared custody between both parents. Whether you are able to work out an agreement with your partner or you anticipate a battle, it is critical to have an attorney who will aggressively defend your rights and interests.

You know best when it comes to your children and your family dynamic. We can protect your parental rights and help you obtain a custody solution that is as fair as possible, allowing you to maintain and grow your bond with your children. We also offer services in other areas of child custody, including:

  • Assisting you with enforcing court-ordered custody or visitation
  • Advocating for modifications in court-ordered custody schedules
  • Fighting for your rights related to paternity issues
  • Defending your rights during a bid for relocating with children

Ohio laws require that a relocating parent obtain consent from the other parent or from the court before changing addresses within or outside the state. Because of the strict standards the court upholds for move-away requests, you would benefit from quality representation from an attorney who will aggressively pursue your goals.

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Matters involving your children should not be left to chance. By calling 937-593-6591 or using our online contact page, you can schedule a free appointment to get more information about how our lawyers can assist you in reaching these difficult decisions. Our offices are located in Bellefontaine, Ohio.