Could you have internal bleeding after an accident?

| Apr 24, 2020 | Personal Injury |

A high impact collision can result in severe trauma to the body. When you are in a car accident, internal bleeding is a possibility. There are two main reasons why someone might experience internal bleeding due to an accident.

The first is blunt trauma, where your body strikes an object at a high speed, such as the windshield, airbag, steering wheel or even the seatbelt. The second is penetrating trauma. This occurs when a foreign object tears a hole in your blood vessels. Often, blunt trauma is more common in car accidents, explains Central Medical Clinic. In many cases, you may not realize that you have internal bleeding.

Internal bleeding symptoms

It is important to look out for signs of internal bleeding after an accident. Some symptoms include:


       Purple discoloration of skin

       Swelling in legs


       Abdominal pain and swelling

       Chest pain

Any of these symptoms are cause for concern. While they may not directly indicate internal bleeding, they are serious signs that you need medical attention for.

Internal bleeding treatment

What happens if you do suffer internal bleeding? The first step is to diagnose the internal bleeding. Once confirmed, there are two main options. The first option is when the internal bleeding is likely to stop on its own. In this case, you would simply undergo monitoring as your body heals.

The second is surgery. The surgery will address your internal bleeding and depending on where the injury is, depends on how serious the surgery is. Often, suture materials are necessary to stop the bleeding. Sometimes surgery can relieve swelling or pressure.